Natalia Kobylkina

is a leading expert in Bulgaria in the field of women and gender psychology and sexology. She is a leading expert in the field in Bulgaria. She participated in more than 300 different TV shows on the highest rating channels to support women.

Natalia has conducted trainings for more than 500,000 people in different countries, such as Austria, Bulgaria, UK, France, Greece, and Italy.

She has developed a training system to prepare coaches and teaches them how to conduct seminars.

Natalia is a NLP master and an Ericksonian hypnotherapist and a certified therapist in the international method of Family Constellations.

She is an author of 7 books that became bestsellers. She helps women to stand for their rights, to be successful and happy both in their personal life and their career.

Natalia is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy. She is a psychologist, coaching specialist, sexologist, author and a presenter of radio and TV shows on different media.

Natalia organizes and conducts the largest trainings for women with more than 2000 participants.

She graduated in Business Psychology (Russia) and Clinical Psychology and Family consulting (Russia).

Natalia speaks Russian, Bulgarian and English language.


Ariel Milan Karmeli

is a German-born psychosomatic therapist who comes from a multi-cultural Syrian and Iranian family background. He is a gifted facilitator, who works with people using a combination of cognitive and body-related therapeutic approaches to seek clarity and evoke their love for living by their own truth. He leads therapy and personal growth workshops across Europe and works in private practice in Tel-Aviv.

Milan’s professional background includes trauma healing (Somatic ExperiencingTM), Family Constellation, bioenergetic breath therapy, primal, and counseling. He also holds a MBA in managerial and organizational leadership from City University, Seattle.

Before entering the field of therapy Milan was a strategic consultant for Andersen Business Consulting, one of the world’s leading professional services companies. There he worked with management teams guiding them to create and strengthen their company’s vision through creative strategizing and execution, and organizational restructuring. This career revealed many avenues of life and specifically ways of human interaction, shaping Milan’s distinct approach to his current therapy work.

Many clients have stayed with him for several years in order to grow and strengthen their self-worth, helping them improve their daily interactions and making better choices in long-term decisions. During the actual therapy, Milan is exceptional at tailoring and shaping each session to exactly suit the client in front of him and their unique needs. He is recognized for leading workshops (group therapy), for the most part developed by him.

Milan speaks fluent English, German, and Hebrew.


Igor Nezovibatko

graduated theatre acting and directing in Russia and since then has 35 years on the scene, 25 years teaching acting and public speaking skills, 18 years of conducting business trainings.

Currently, Igor is fully engaged in training activities. He conducts open and corporate trainings in Moscow, greater Russia and abroad. He works and teaches independently. Igor also cooperates with professional training companies.

Igor regularly serves trainings to leading commercial companies. Among his clients are Auchan, L’Oréal, Obi, Haldor Topce (Denmark) and many others.

For more than 15 years, he leads business trainings for leading MLM companies, including TianDe, Oriflame, Rewold, Haogang, NSP and many more.

Igor works both individually and in trainings in the field of public speaking art and emotional controls with prominent members of the social, business and political elite. He often participates in live television and radio broadcasts and program, in talk show. Igor provides webinars and on-line training sessions, however he prefers the live in person experience.

In 2006 Igor was awarded with “Best trainer on personal growth” in nomination category “Professional”, by the International Association for Personal Development.

Igor is author of numerous articles and books.

His distinct style is a mixture of game methods and practical physiology, personal life, theatrical and training experience, minimum theory and maximum practice, work with emotions, body and mind, effective methods of physical, psychological and emotional perfection.

He speaks Russian and French.


Emilia Belcheva

Emilia Belcheva is the founder of Belchevi Health Academy. It is a place that aims to extend people’s lives and make them healthier and happier. Emilia is an international lecturer and facebuilding instructor at the Beauty Academy Yulia Saifullina – Moscow. She is the only Beauty Coach for Bulgaria as through exercises together she helps to remove diopter, astigmatism, remove wrinkles, increase lip volume and many other corrections that are possible only through plastic surgery and fillers. She is the founder of SEMMA, a kind of sport that corrects spinal distortions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, flat-footedness, pelvic misalignment and poor posture, and also she treats panic attacks, varicose veins and asthma. She and her brother are the only ones in Bulgaria working on the systems of Paul Chek and Functional Patterns. She is an instructor for pregnant women how not to put on weight and how to recover after giving birth. She has two books published and her own training methodologies, as well as over 10 years of experience. She has two children and believes that she has a lot to give to the world.


Anastasia Shahmatova

Anastasia is a coach, consultant and specialist in Women’s practices at Larisa Renar Academy and is the first holder of the Medallion “The circle of Woman’s Power” in Bulgaria. She has been trained according to the methods of the Russian Academy and for years she has helped women to get into their feminine energy and to feel in their feminine power.

She conducts individual consultations with constellations live and online.
She has been working in the media and knows very well how to properly present information so that it can be heard and understood.

Anastasia has had transformative training at the Russian Academy of Yaroslav Samoilov and actively applies constellation practices, women’s energy practices and a cognitive therapy and psychodrama.

Price for 1 hour session – from  $200  to $99

Make an appointment for a personal consultation. Contact Sofia at


Zoi Atanasova

Theta-Healer, Deste cards Teller according to the Greek system, numerologist and the clairvoyant of celebrities, removes black magical and helps with rituals for money and attracting partners.

From a very young age, Zoi had the talent to predict the future. She went through a serious illness and nobody knew if she would survive, she was left alone in a hospital and despite the poor prognosis, she survived. What helped her was the faith in God, prayers and meditations. After her recovery, she acquired the talent to see people’s future and to communicate with souls.

She was spotted by one of the most powerful healers in Greece who started to train her.

Zoi went through the schools of metaphysics and philosophy, she learned rituals, meditations and therapies. She completed a real wizard school.
Zoi is the only heir to the most powerful sorceress from Izmir Katina, and she has been chosen to read with Deste cards.

Deste cards are not just cards, they are live cards. You can see with them what is coming and you have the opportunity to change it, if you want… because our souls have a free will for their lives. Deste cards cannot only predict, but they also give their advice.

Moreover, she is a certified Theta healing therapist. Theta healing therapy introduces positive affirmations in place of negative ones, examines the conscious and the subconscious. This method can treat childhood fears and injuries.

She also practices numerology. Numerology, known to many people, is science and art, through which some main trends of fate, the character and realization of the person can be determined.

They call it “the magic of numbers”. Every person is associated with numbers that relate to significant events in their life – the most important ones are numbers from dates of birth and numbers formed by a calculation from names.

My mission is to transform people’s destinies through my methods – Deste cards, Numerology and Theta healing therapies! Make an appointment for a personal consultation! Don’t leave your life to fortuitousness. Be the master of your destiny!

What topics can you ask Zoi ?

  • to find out about your future and forecasts
  • to find out if this partner in your personal life or business is suitable for you
  • to find out what the outcome of the situation will be if you continue the same way
  • to find out about your talents and what your mission is
  • to find out the truth in different situations (cheating, relationship problems, money situations)

Additionally, Zoi can find the cause of problems and make theta treatment to improve the situation and start feeling in a new way.

Zoi also makes rituals for attracting money, how to attract your other half, how to get rid of black and bad spells, and how to have health and serenity.

Zoi is a fortune teller of many “stars” and many celebrities turn to her for advice and direction, to make a special ritual or clear magic. She has awards and plenty of shows and guest appearances in the media.

How do you do this?
You make a payment and make an appointment, then you come with specific questions and she answers and gives direction and, if necessary, treatment or ritual.

Price for 30 minutes session – $99
Price for 1 hour session – $149

Make an appointment for a personal consultation. Contact Sofia at