Sexology for women

For me this is one of the most important parts of my life, relaxation, contraction of muscles, moaning, satisfaction, partner’s lighten eyes, flight…orgasms and a feeling of happiness.

A real woman should be queen in society, good housewife at home and a courtesan in bed. Usually we aim for the first two. This training is directed towards how to be a masterful courtesan and a perfect lover.

What are your associations with the word Sex?

How much taboo is there in our society about the topic of sex. The good girl shouldn’t have sex on the first date, the good girl shouldn’t talk about sex, the good girl shouldn’t show a man that she wants sex with him and thousands more limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing what we really want .
Unfortunately, the mother, the most important woman for each of us, also teaches us what NOT to do, but no one teaches us what to do in bed and how to become the perfect lover.


Which one of us didn’t ask herself these questions from time to time:

How to get real satisfaction and how to give more pleasure to your partner?
How to make sure he doesn’t disappear after the first sex?
How to keep your family from infidelity or get rid of the mistress?
How to stop fearing sex and how to stop faking orgasms?
How good are you in bed and what can you improve?
How do you stop lying to him and yourself that everything is fine when you know it is a lie.

This training will give the opportunity:

to understand women physiology and ways for receiving pleasure related to that;
to learn about techniques, secrets and mistakes and what is the royal fellatio – the blowjob;
to learn about how to accurately tell your partner how to get down on you so you can have a multiple orgasms;
to find out about female ejaculation: is this a myth or reality that you are still not familiar with;
to remove all your limiting beliefs and learn to relax your body;
to learn to switch off during sex;
to become more confident in yourself as a woman;
to learn special techniques on how to orgasm quickly and easily.


Bonus: Learning to receive energetic orgasms and manage your sexual energy!

Training’s agenda:

1. Getting to know your sexuality. Physiology and psychology with regards to sex.

Work with your body – what is my body? Accepting yourself.
Physiology of female and male genitalia. Differences between male and female orgasm.
 Types of orgasms in women when using the vagina, uterus, anus.
 Determining your comfort zones in sex, getting out of your comfort zone and developing it
 Developing senses: visual, audio, kinesthetic.
 Ways to regain sexual energy.

2. Oral sex.

The art of giving a blowjob. What is the blowjob to men and why it’s important to give a good blowjob.
Types of blowjob. The basic movements in giving a blowjob. How to give a Royal Blowjob. Swallowing.
Five major mistakes when giving a blowjob. The five most common fantasies in men related to blowjob.
Practical part.
The secrets of cunnilingus and how to get multiple orgasms from cunnilingus.
Why men don’t want to give cunnilingus and how we can motivate them.
The basic cunnilingus techniques, how to teach them to our partner.

3. Vaginal sex

 Main positions and how they relate to the G-spot.
 Muscle compression techniques. Vumbilding (vaginal muscle management).
G-spot – where it is located and how you should press it with your fingers and a penis.
 Female ejaculation – how to get it and what is the difference between peeing and female ejaculation.

4. Anal sex

 Myths about anal sex. Why do men love anal sex so much?
 Mandatory rules and techniques for anal sex. Preparing for anal sex.
 Consequences of incorrect anal sex. Peculiarities of orgasms during anal sex.

5. Sexual games and sexual toys.

 What should we say before sex, during sex and after sex. Moans – how and why?
Favorite sex games and scenarios for men and women. Sex toys.
 How to talk yourself and how to teach your partner to talk about your wishes.
 Exam! Roleplay from one of the sexual scenarios.

For information and registrations contact:
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