Transformation GEISHA Online for 21 days – Rebirth

Transformation GEISHA ONLINE for 21 DAYS – Rebirth

Every woman deserves to be happy and have what she dreams of.

However, many women are blocked and frozen in their traumas.

I have been looking for years for the right way to break old traumas and pain and see how women can change their destinies and live in a different way.

I designed the system in 2009 when I created my seminar called GEISHA!

Over the years, more than 50 000 women went through the system and they have totally changed their lives.

Life is often considered as “before” and “after”the GEISHA seminar!

This transformation program is helpful for:

  • People who want to be happy and loved
  • Women who are ready to have a really happy relationship
  • Women who want to be healthy and pass on happiness and health by inheritance
  • For women who are tired of going around in the same old unfulfilling circles, and ready to make heads turn.
  • For women who are ready to accelerate on the path of self development using their feminine energy.
  • For women whose mission is to Be true to themselves, to be loved and to love.
  • For women who want to keep their man and develop themselves into the best life partner for their men.

What we will do is:

  • we will work on child traumas
  • we will free your soul from the place where you are frozen and you need to move on in a different way
  • we will reset your neural connections to work differently and you will feel like a new born woman

Basic package – price from $800 to $199 

  •  3 webinars by 2 hours each – 6 hours in total
  • short videos with homework and comments
  • a Telegram group with successful women who will support your development
  • homework and the whole transformation system

VIP package – price from $1800 to $499

  •  It includes the basic package + 4 webinars for archetypes
  • Consultation with Natalia – 30 min.

My testimonial

“Being interested in the area of your expertise, I found you on YouTube, and was instantly intrigued by your teachings.

Your Geisha course combined with Family Constellations was deep and profound for me, giving me much needed solace. Your style of teaching brings much awareness, self exploration and acceptance, as you held us all together in a safe nurturing space. Your course has had a remarkably positive effect on me, my attitudes and my thinking, as I now journey through my life with a much more colorful vibrancy.

This was a soulful unique and meaningful experience, perfectly coupled with the fantastic setting of Nusa island, Bali.

Thank you NATALIA, I will always remember you and the magic you brought to all of us.

Sending you good energies wherever you go,


Cape Town

Attended VIP Geisha Seminar, Bali 31Jan-2Feb 2020


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