Hashimoto and Thyroid problems with Emilia Belcheva

Presenter: Emilia Belcheva

Recently, I receive at least three letters each day with thyroid questions. All problems with it are due to our way of life. Gaining weight, the constant feeling of hunger, the feeling that we are not happy with our lives – all this is related to the thyroid gland. It is a mirror of our genitals and urogenital system.

From a psychological point of view, this is a problem with our boundaries. It is linked to the difficulty of saying “NO” and defending ourselves. We often swallow our needs to please and satisfy others. Here we will look at why this is happening and how to change it.

From a physiological point of view, the problems start with overwhelming the cervical spine, pinching the nerve endings, which are responsible for the correspondence between the brain and the gland. From there, the consequences are distraction, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating. Hunger for wine and sweets, large portions, lack of motivation, weight (physical and mental), aging organs and the feeling that we are much older than our real years.

There is a much easier way to fix this – by changing our habits. We will talk about how and why those problems occur. What we shouldn’t do so they don’t start and how to deal with them if they are already there.

Whether you will be taking pills all your life or deal with it in a few months depends only on you.

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  • Hashimoto and Thyroid problems
  • How to have a healthy menstruation
  • How to deal with panic attacks
  • How to have a flat belly in 21 days

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