Marathon “The Secrets of Female Orgasms” with Nina Kovalyova

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Host: Nina Kovalyova

You have never experienced different types of orgasms? You have already tried many things but you couldn’t reach peak of pleasure? Do you want to receive more please from intimacy and manifest your most intimate fantasies? Then join the course “Secrets of Female Orgasms”!

“Secrets of Female Orgasms” course – this is work with the body and thoughts, because orgasm is born in the head. You will learn to immerse yourself in your sensory experiences and overcome the barriers that prevent you from reaching orgasm.

Duration: 6 lessons

This course aims to explore the barriers that prevent the disclosure of sexuality. During the course you will remove negative attitudes and prohibitions that do not allow you to relax completely during intimacy, you will receive effective tools to alleviate emotional injuries and you will learn to “turn off” your mind during sex.

This course is for women who:

  • Dream of reaching different kinds of orgasms.
  • Want to disclose their sensuality.
  • Are ready for a healthy sexuality.
  • Want to gain real pleasure, not just enjoyment.
  • Do not know how to accept themselves with their wishes and fantasies.

The course consists of 6 lessons:

 Lesson №1

You will learn what an orgasm is and how it differs from sexual pleasure.

You will get acquainted with the psychological and physiological aspects of orgasm, its types.

You will understand why it is so important to work with the body, but through the head.

Lesson №2

You will identify the problems of transforming your sexuality.

You will develop negative attitudes and prohibitions related to sex. Do meditations and arrangements that allow you to discover sensuality and orgasm.

Lesson №3

You will learn how psychological trauma affects sexuality and you will find the resources within yourself to overcome it. You will do a meditation for help and self-pity. You will make arrangements that will help you to get rid of the injuries.

Lesson №4

You will indulge in the practice of biodynamic breathing for a deep and painless re-living of psychological trauma.

Lesson №5

You will learn how desire, arousal and orgasm are born. You will master the techniques for their development. You will learn to overcome the barriers to discovering sensuality.

Lesson №6

You will master unique techniques, positions and “tricks” of sweet orgasms.

Thanks to this course you will:

  • Learn about female desire, arousal and relaxation.
  • You will find out why psychological trauma blocks the orgasm.
  • You will be able to gently work on your injuries, negative attitudes and prohibitions from childhood.
  • You will master techniques and positions that will help you reach sweet orgasms.

During the course “Secrets of Female Orgasms” you will learn what healthy sexuality is and you will learn how to develop it in yourself. Don’t be afraid to become more sensual and orgasmic! All lessons are conducted in confidence and under the supervision of an experienced psychologist-teacher.

Find the “keys” to your orgasms! Open with them the door to a world of incredible bliss!

Price: The cost of the Marathon is 99$

Get it in a package with the webinar “How to become a fellatio queen” for 139$ (discounted from 199$)

For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |



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