The PERFECT WOMAN – Mother and wife

My beautiful girls, talking to you has made me realize that you often miss one, and sometimes even two archetypes; you often ask me “How can I develop the girl or the love within me? How do I keep this man in my life?” The answer is – with practice and knowledge!

The perfect woman is a woman who possesses the 4 archetypes and knows how to be different.

She is gentle and open to her loved one and that’s why she makes him strong and successful; she is sexual and provocative in the sheets, she is successful at her job while being stable and caring as a wife and a mother.

The perfect women are always looked for and chosen by men. Those are the types of women that classy men are fighting for.

By nature we have 2 archetypes – the other 2 we have to develop ourselves.

Mother and wife – how to keep your man? The power of traditions and how to create traditions in your own family. Connecting with your roots. Creating new rules for the whole family. Healing constellations for the treatment of the whole family and transmission of the new program to the children.

Working with women and how to keep a man.

You can take the entire development program of 4 modules and develop the perfect woman within yourself. You can also only take archetypes that are not as developed within you.


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