How to deal with panic attacks with Emilia Belcheva

Presenter: Emilia Belcheva

In our hectic daily lives, we do not realize how quickly we get to exhaustion. Many people suffer from panic attacks, often suffocate, get nervous, shout at their child, are dissatisfied with themselves, their partner, and everything and everyone around them. Everyone thinks that the other is to blame, but the real reason is burnout and stress.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • How do we know when we are overwhelmed?
  • What are the phases we are going through and at what level are we at the moment?
  • How to choose a way of relaxing?

We often throw ourselves into sports or activities that further overwhelm our emotions and nervous system, how do we know where to start?

  •  What workouts are appropriate if we have weight to lose and the nervous system is overloaded?
  • What exactly is an overloaded nervous system and what are the ways to normalize it?
  • Psychological test “Why do I have panic attacks and how to get rid of them?” It will show you individually why you have panic attacks and how to deal with them.
  • Techniques for stopping the panic attack when it is activated.

Do you want to live in ease and abundance?

Do you want to have no fear when the new panic attack will start again?

If the answer is “YES!” then this webinar is just for you.

I personally went through all the stages of panic attacks from just panic attacks, heavy momentary sweating, blackening, forgetfulness, to obsessive thoughts like “Collide” while driving, “Jump from the balcony”, “Stab yourself” and much more. And I overcame them. In the webinar I will reveal the secret of HOW.

And did you know that if the nervous system is exacerbated, then you do not digest the food and supplements you take? That you stop the regeneration of the body and age artificially. Stop this process! You deserve it!

Price: from 99$ to 69$

Promo package: Get 5 webinars on recording with Emilia Belcheva for 245$ (49$ per webinar)

  • Swelling of body and face
  • Hashimoto and Thyroid problems
  • How to have a healthy menstruation
  • How to deal with panic attacks
  • How to have a flat belly in 21 days

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