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In recent times one of the most popular professions has become life-coaching, personal development coaching, consultant.

More and more people want to try their talents in the field of psychology and have no idea where to start.

  • How to write their description?
  • How to create their website?
  • How to create a team?
  • How to find their first clients?
  • How to consult people and be useful?
  • How to set their rates?
  • How to sell themselves and on what channels and there are many other issues for people who want to start and do not know how.

How do I do it?

First, I managed to start from scratch without having any knowledge of marketing or sales – the most successful personal development brand with 370,000 Facebook followers and more than 75,000 followers on Instagram.

We are creating the biggest events in the Balkans for women and women’s development.

I’ve written 10 books, I created my own psychotherapy show and I have now trained 200 coaches in a VIP Academy for coaching.

I know first hand how to turn your ideas into a business and I will lead you through your development.

I want more and more people to be successful in this profession and I want them to help others.

I gathered these tools with a lot of studying and practice, with mistakes and failures, and I did not have such a teacher that would just hand me everything I needed to know. I believe in sharing and partnership. In America and Europe, every fifth person already has a personal coach-consultant and therapist and the number of people keeps growing.

I have 2 college degrees in clinical medical psychology and sexology and business psychology. I know fantastic Russian developments in the field of psychology that help me become one of the most successful psychologists in the world. I work in English, Russian and Bulgarian with people from more than 20 countries. And I know exactly what works and what does not.

With the help of some consultations, each one of you can be successful. Minimum consultations now cost $100, and if you only do 10 counseling sessions per month – you would make $1,000 – which is a steady salary in a small town and you would be doing beautiful and good work at that.

This is a 60-day program to develop a successful business model in the field of consulting.

Standard package

  • Each week you will receive a recording or sometimes live, a practical lecture with Natalia for 1 hour and then 30 minutes to ask questions on air through a group on Facebook
  • A group on Facebook where you would post your homework
  • Having someone to help you
  • Support by assistants – people who have already gone through this process and you can ask them for advice or a consultation (1 consultation – 1 hour free)
  • You will do techniques and practices until the end of the Academy. In order to get a certificate from our Academy – you have to write – 3 articles, 1 e-book – 15 pages, do 2 webinars, 2 seminars, and 10 consultations.

VIP package

  • 8 training sessions with Natalia
  • Support group in Facebook
  • Questionnaire for the Academy
  • Standard package + a package of 4 webinars of your choice with included many practices and techniques (at a price of $600)
  • 4 online 50 minute consultations with Natalia (separate price for this is $2,000)

We guarantee that if you observe all practices – you will start making money while still in the Academy and you will quickly get this investment back.


Who is this suitable for:

  • for people who want to work from anywhere in the world and have money to spend
  • people who feel important and useful and want to help others
  • people who know how to listen to others and give good advice, but don’t know how to turn this into a profession and make money off of it
  • people who have developed themselves in the field of psychology, astrology, Kabbalah, energy practices, etc. , but do not know how to find customers and organize the whole system of sales and success
  • people who want personal and professional development in the field of business

View entire program:

What you will learn:

How to start a successful business as a coach or a consultant. How to make a business plan, the basic rules and planning errors. Resources and Mistakes. When is the right time to start and should I start at all? Illusions and when I’m not ready yet. Rules and defining a companion and a mentor. Personal qualities needed to succeed. If I do not know anything about business where should I start and will I manage to succeed?

Presentation and advertising. How to turn a hobby into a business. Homework check. The first steps. Presentation of yourself and the product. How to advertise ourselves. How to get the first clients and contacts. Creating a Facebook page. How to write articles – the main topics. How to write workshop titles. How to describe your services. How to use correct Facebook and Instagram rules. How to Choose the right site name. Homework.

How to consult and how to get started. The basic questions in dealing with the client. The main schools in Psychology and Psychotherapy. The basics of systems theory and how to start defining customer problems. Diagnostics and how to build a hypothesis. The basics of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). How to choose your field in Psychology. Psychological defense mechanisms and how a person avoids change.

How to set up a seminar program. What to start with. What you definitely need in order to start. Structure of the seminar, obligatory and non-obligatory points. How to prepare properly and how to train. Types of clients, presentation skills in front of an audience. The first seminar as homework. How to create a free book. Addressing fears related to success.

Technical Webinar. How to create a webinar, how to collect a contact base. How is an email company created and what programs it works on? How to create your webinar on a webinarjam platform. How to use a weems system to record people. How to solve accounting issues so that everything is legal and correct. How to create a PayPal account.
You can then ask Natalia some non-technical questions on Facebook. Homework – creating a webinar. You must have a laptop close by and try to follow the instructions exactly.

Practical instruments – how to meditate and how to write a text about it. The Basics of the Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Art Practices. First experience in meditation. The tools a consultant needs. How to respond to customer resistance. Client Psychotypes and accents. Language of the therapist. Practices of coaching from training with Merlin Atkinson (World Coach)

Practice of constellations – what does constellation mean? How to create a genogram. Questions about the genogram. Basics of Family Systemic Psychotherapy. How to make a constellation via Skype using objects and how to work with constellations through Skype and/or live. Principles of Constellation and working with Energy Practice.

Supervision. First successes and failures. What works and what needs to be fixed. Questions and difficulties that come with customers. How to further develop more tools for developing opportunities as a therapist. Difficulties when working with complicated customers. How to stand our ground and prevent someone from entering our energy. How to cleanse and prepare.

Therapeutic module – Treatment of our own traumas and problems. Working with our fears and worries. Failure to stand our ground. Mother and father processing. Cleansing our subconsciousness. 5 traumas and ways to treat them. The basics of psychotherapy and fast-working practices.

Completion – how to move forward. How to motivate ourselves permanently. The first steps after the end of the Academy, strategies, what is suitable for me as a start. Vision and coach branding. Questions and Answers.

Main host Natalia Kobylkina, other coaches may be additionally invited for individual modules

This is an investment in your own profession. If you learn to make VIP-consultations and sell yourself – you can get this investment back within 2 consultations.

Our pride – Our successful Graduates

Elena Angelova – became a talk show host and has a site, started studying psychology after the age of 35 – if you want to book a consultation with her you’d have to wait on queue for a month. She is happily married and has a wonderful child.

Ginka Georgieva – started an academy without knowing anything about psychology after the age of 40. Right now she is one of the most successful constellations hosts in Bulgaria and has groups and consultations. Getting a consultation with her takes 2 weeks. Happily married with 2 children and a granddaughter

Irina Valcheva – author of several books, opened her own academy in Varna, gave birth to a second child. After starting the Academy she managed to conceive and combines motherhood with home coaching.

Neither age nor marital status would prevent you from succeeding. I have proved with 7 academies behind me – that I know how to make people successful in this profession.