Narcissists or how to get rid of love dependence

In recent times it is very in to say: I met a narcissist partner, he only loves himself, is unable to give, does not know how to bond, and how to be together?

In your relationship you may feel happy and satisfied, and perhaps you constantly seek attention, love, confirmation that a partner needs you.

And we often see that our partner does not value us and has no fear of losing us. And that would be the best case scenario.

The worst case would be that our partner takes us for granted, he insults you and treats you badly, uses you, does not want to marry you, does not care for you or he does not give you a status, and you turn into something between a furniture or a housekeeper and sometimes his sponsor and he is waiting for you to provide the money.

Such relationships are destructive, weary and exhausting. How do we stop these models and get out of this narcissist game?

Emotional dependence is no less strong than an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We understand that this relationship destroys us, but we cannot end it.

It is important to find out what reasons and what childhood traumas cause this behavior. Where did you lack love and protection and now you want it from your partners?

Constant anxiety and lack of understanding takes a lot of your strength and energy and leads to physical illnesses. Gradually your friends disappear, they are tired of saving you and then you are trying to give your love to children – turning them into neurotic and dependent people, similar to you. When a mother cannot be happy – the child doesn’t know how to be happy either.

All questions related to narcissists and love dependencies, why do I not know how to build a mature relationship, we will work on the Webinar Narcissists and Love Dependencies.

This practice will help you see what is the mechanism hidden in you that attracts such a type of partner.

During the seminar:

  • we will understand the causes of love dependencies and narcissism
  • how to end a love pattern equal to pain
  • how to rediscover yourself as a true and independent person
  • how to improve your lifestyle qualitatively
  • how to stop attracting narcissists, how to end the relationship with the past and start building relationships in a new way
  • how to deal with narcissistic partners and get out of pathological relationships
  • techniques for forgiveness and acceptance

Bonus: Men’s shades of archetypes. I will tell how neuroticism goes through every archetype and what the shades of archetypes are and how we provoke it and how to cure ourselves from pathological relationships.

Believe you can manage your life more easily than you think! Let’s make a bold step of dependence towards freedom and happiness!

Host: Natalia Kobylkina


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