How to efficiently build our day?

…or rules leading to success


Recorded webinar – 2 hours

HOST: Natalia Kobylkina

I am against any diets! Why? Because I have been trying many times, then lose weight and very quickly gain it again!

And I realized that the most important rule of success is consistency and strategy to build your day really efficiently!

What will we work for:

  1. How to build new habits during the world’s restless situation that can help us succeed
  2. How to accurately build our biological rhythms in order to feel full of energy
  3. Food and water, good habits – how, when, why
  4. Sports and exercises, vitamins and useful things
  5. My wardrobe – let’s see what we have inside and if it should be there
  6. My appearance – how to take care of the skin, face and body
  7. Communication with close ones – how to speak so as not to lose energy and how to avoid toxic people
  8. Thieves of my time – where do you give too much of your time
  9. Toxic relations – how to change our habits
  10. Time for art – how, when and why is it important
  11. What important little things you miss and how important it is to change them

This is a webinar for people who want to do gradual but very permanent changes in order to feel satisfied and happy throughout the next year.

We will write down new habits together that you will gradually start to follow.

Price: from $99 to $50

Promo price in a package with “How to program a successful 2021?” – from $198 to $69



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