Me and my boundaries

Who are the truly matured people? People who have clear boundaries, stand up for their principles, value themselves and do whatever they want.

They take the responsibility for their life but expect this from others also.

They don’t want a miracle but fight for what they want! They are matured personalities able to build mature relations with the other sex and the people around them.

They are loving and supportive with the people they love but are merciless to those wanting to hurt them.

They are able to protect themselves! They believe in them and achieve their dreams. People love and respect them. Others admire them and children value them.

They listen to themselves and their soul and do what they truly want.

They are used to people being envious of them and discussing them but they don’t have the time for other people’s opinions.

Their own opinion matters most. They have overcome their childhood complexes long time ago.

Are you a matured personality or are you always the victim?

Do you live your life to the fullest or you keep waiting for prince charming?

Are you happy with the relations and money you have in your life?

Do you think something has to change but the circumstances are against you?

Dear people, I think the time has come for you to turn into matured human beings!

What will we do?

  1. We will work on the main principles of matured personalities.
  2. We will develop the belief in yourself and your talents.
  3. We will increase the potential and do manipulation and anti-manipulation practices.
  4. I will show you how to achieve what you want but the mature way.
  5. How to stand up for yourself in your personal and work life?
  6. How to easily settle conflicts?
  7. How to increase your quality of life and remove the unnecessary things?
  8. How to say “No”?
  9. How to increase your area of influence?
  10. How to be a person who is proud of himself?

And don’t forget, only matured people having the right boundaries with their parents are able to have healthy and happy relations.

The matured personality will never allow themselves to be the savior of their partner. The matured personality believes in him and has clear boundaries.

The matured personality will never sacrifice their personal happiness for other people.

The matured personality is responsible and can make herself happy.

The matured personality builds harmonious relations with an equal partner.

We will work on your boundaries, limitations and fears. I will give you basic techniques of matured relations with others.

Be ready for difficult homework! Your life will never be the same after this seminar.

Price: $69