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Family therapist, Sexologist, Author of books for Relationships and Sex, Most Influential Person on the Social Media for 2018. Natalia is a renowned and world-famous sexologist and family therapist, who delivers trainings on happy relationships, sex and living life in abundance. With her live seminars and online webinars, Natalia has transformed the lives of people from over 150 countries around the world.


The perfect woman – this is the woman who knows how to be a nice and tender girl, passionate and sexual lover, brave and independent queen, and caring and loving mother and wife.

My beautiful girls –  the ideal woman  embodies all 4 archetypes and knows how to be unique.  When I talk to you, I see that you often lack one, and sometimes two, archetypes.

You often ask: “How can I develop a girlfriend or a lover archetype? How do I keep this person in my life?” The answer is: “Knowledge and practice!”


By nature, we have 2 leading archetypes – and we must develop the other two. Why is it important to have all four archetypes?

Often if you don’t have the qualities of all four archetypes you have difficulties on a personal level, and often live in the shadows instead of standing in your feminine power. In addition, men want everything from us-to be gentle and loving girls, to be beautiful and sexy lovers, to be independent and successful queens, to be caring and reliable wives and mothers.

A women who has harmony in all four archetypes is gentle and open with the man she loves –  which in turn makes him strong and successful. She is sexy and provocative in bed, strong and successful in her profession, and stable and caring as a wife and mother. Ideal women are always in demand and desired by men. Eligible men compete and earn  for them.

The perfect woman 4 archetypes Girl Lover Queen Mother
The perfect woman 4 archetypes Girl Lover Queen Mother

So we have created a marathon to teach you how to develop all 4 archetypes!

The Girl – How to open your heart and start attracting men, taking care of you and loving you;
The Lover – How to make him desire  you and do everything to only be with you;
The Queen – How to develop successfully, with dignity and nobility;
The Mother hostess – How to keep men and create a happy family;


The first archetype.
The Girl

 Some of the common issues which prevent women from embracing this area are- a lack of trust, tendency to take on too much responsibility, they often feel guilt/shame, are prone to stress, they need to be independent, are unable to receive, have a fear of being indebted to others. In this marathon we will address any limiting belief patterns which are holding you back from embracing this archetype using meditational modalities. We will use methods related to emotional intelligence and you will learn: How to be spoiled, how to to unlock the ability to feel worthy and receive gifts, and how to be cherished and taken care of. We will do constellations and meditations related to parents. We will connect with our vulnerability and become princesses for ourselves and our men. We will work on how to open our hearts and invite more ease into our lives.


The perfect woman 4 archetypes Girl Lover Queen Mother
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The second archetype.
 The Lover

 Women can sometimes feel ashamed about their sexuality due to sexual traumas, ancestral beliefs about sex, religious shame, fear of judgement or fear of not being good enough.

We will address these issues by using methods and practices such as the tantric breath practice for clearing sexual energy. You will learn how to rediscover and love your body and we will share methods of experienced lovers- How to bewitch men in bed, how to unlock and embrace your sexuality and what to do to be the mistress of your own man. You will learn the strategy of preventing infidelity, from the point of view of mistress and wife.


The third archetype.
The Queen

Common patterns which prevent women from embodying the Queen archetype are- the lack of financial independence and dependency on men, the belief that they need to have a man to survive, and they need approval from others. We will share tips on how to gain independence and money, how to attract financial abundance into your life, and identify what will help you to be successful. You will learn methods of success and how influence people, how to get respect from men, and how to move on after difficulties.

We will be using unique and provocative psychotherapy techniques that allow you to tap into your personal power to develop your will and ability to win whilst finding your mission and raising  your value.

The perfect woman 4 archetypes Girl Lover Queen Mother
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The fourth archetype.
The Mother hostess

The fourth archetype of Mother can be lacking in women who have a fear of not being enough or a fear of ending up alone and not being supported. They are afraid that they will be a bad mother, or that their partner will end up being like their father. They delay having a stable relationship and starting a family because they are afraid that they’ll lose their independence.

We will address these patterns and share strategies on how to keep a man and to trust that you are enough. You will learn the power of rituals and the way to create rituals in your family. We will do practices to connect a with your roots and create new rules across your ancestral line . We will do constellations for the genetic  line which will the transfer the new program to future generation. It’s about working with the female power and how to keep a man.

Find your inner beauty and show it to the world around you!

In each webinar, we will do meditational practices and processes for the corresponding archetype to access it within ourselves on a subconscious level. We will do strengthening exercises and discuss how you can use all the archetypes. We will be sharing Shamanic and energetic practices, working with the elements of nature to bring growth and renewal to all archetypes.

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