Marathon for both sexes “From loneliness to a happy relationship” with Natalia

Marathon for both sexes “From loneliness to a happy relationship”

Do you know that the fear of loneliness is greater than the fear of death?

Why? Because death comes straight away and then everything is over. And loneliness can continue for a lifetime. Day by day. Men and women suffer from loneliness. Both beautiful and not so beautiful people.

Apart from physical loneliness, there is mental loneliness, when you live with someone, but you feel very lonely.

This marathon is also suitable for:

  •  people who live with an unloved or unsuitable person because of the fear of loneliness;
  • those who attract narcissistic, aggressive, abusive, cheating, troubled and addictive partners;
  • those who have lost hope of meeting their half and have a negative experience;
  • dreamers who avoid a relationship having the idea that they will meet the ideal partner, however, in a while, they find themselves in the same situation;
  • and of course this is a marathon for people who want to have a real, loving, honest and developing relationship;

 What will we do in it?

  • you will find out the reasons hidden in your subconscious that screw all your relationship;
  • you will realize what programs do not allow you to attract a mentally healthy and mature partner;
  • you will see behavioral patterns that destroy your relationships;
  • you will clear your immaturity and problems in the relationship (if you fantasize that you are great and the problem is in your partner then do not enroll for this course and continue to have your problems and be alone);
  • we will clear programs of addictive and narcissistic relationships;
  • you will find out what would help you to have a happy family;
  • you will learn the rules of the mature relationship;
  • you will have a clear algorithm of what to start with and how to build a design of a happy relationship;
  • you will open the field to true love and the ability to keep the person you love;
  • I will give you practices and techniques that are used by Russian women to enchant men all over the world;
  • I will give you secret knowledge and rituals for creating and building a happy relationship;

Presenter: Natalia Kobylkina – Family therapist, Sexologist, Author of books for Relationships and Sex, Most Influential Person on the Social Media for 2018.

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Basic package

  • 4 webinars of 2 hours each – 8 hours in total
  • 15 short videos
  • meditation to attract the right partner
  • a group in Telegram with supportive videos
  • a group with comments
  • Prices: 199$

VIP package – price from $999 to $499

  • It includes the basic package +
  • The Perfect woman webinar pack – 4 webinars about female archetypes
  • Consultation with Natalia – 50 min.

For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |



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