Webinar package: Male psychology subtleties with Nina Kovalyova


Host: Nina Kovalyova

The psychology of a man does not depend on his nationality, zodiac sign or place of residence. The way of thinking can be influenced by the upbringing and mentality of the state, but the natural needs remain the same.

Although the needs of men and women in relationships and love are quite similar, you probably guess that even in this there are fundamental differences between us. Do you want to know which ones? Come and learn the male language to make full use of your female language.

A man understanding a woman’s heart can control her, but a woman who will understand the heart of a man – will understand the hearts of all men and rule the world!


Who is it for?

This webinar is for you if men:

  • don’t give you gifts
  • constantly find fault in you
  • don’t listen to your opinion
  • earn little and don’t strive for more
  • are jealous and control you
  • lie or cheat on you
  • don’t help you
  • your relationship quickly gets cold, passionless and without any romance
  • if you want to meet a worthy man and build a happy family!
  • the webinar is for women who haven’t been married and want to meet a good man and break their negative past
  • for women in a relationship who want more understanding and harmony
  • for women who saw all that is good in the married life and want to start a good life with a new man, without making the past mistakes.


Part 1 – What will you learn?

  • you will bring passion and romance back to your relations
  • you will learn to impress men and get what you want
  • you will manage to motivate the man to earn more and give you more gifts
  • you will learn how to behave in conflict situations and express your disagreement
  • you will receive attention and adoration by men


Part 2 – What will you learn:

  • How to properly ask a man for help
  • How to tell a man what you want
  • How to receive gifts
  • How to keep the balance between giving and receiving
  • Estimating the male value by a point system
  • How to properly communicate with the man
  • How to understand the male language

Build happy and harmonious relationships!

Prices – get part 1 or part 2 at a discount price from $99 to $49 and package 2 parts from $198 to $99.

For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |



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