How to create a professional daytime and evening makeup

Recorded webinars:

  • Daytime make-up – 4 hours
  • Evening make-up – 3 hours

Host: Dayana Bako

What are we going to learn?

• What is my face shape and how I can enhance my best features and minimize the features I’m not fond of
• How to choose the correct type of products and what I absolutely need to have in my makeup arsenal

• All the stages for creating an easy, stylish daytime makeup routine and an elegant, captivating evening look
• How to shape and style my eyebrows to frame my face
• How to bring out the color of my eyes and make them irresistible
• Correct eyeshadow application for my eye shape
• Attention! Eyeliner- how to and how not to apply it!
• How to color match my foundation and concealer flawlessly. No more orange faces!
• Contouring & Highlighting for my face shape!
• 50% of makeup is skincare! Let’s find out how to look after our canvas so we can achieve optimum results every time
• How to make our lips look plumper and more defined

Who is it for?

• The ladies that want to look their most beautiful and elegant, but don’t have the time to visit a makeup artist daily
• The ladies that can feel that their look can benefit from learning the makeup secrets
• For the ladies that value their time and appearance and would like to be seen as truly beautiful women


• The course has two levels – Daytime makeup (looks for your everyday routine) and Evening makeup (special occasion looks)
• The first evening we will be learning the best ways to style our daytime appearance in different stages. I will be answering all your questions regarding your makeup struggles and you will see how quickly your face will start to glow!
• The second evening we will be practicing evening makeup! There is a huge difference in those two types of looks and you will notice the graceful change in your appearance during the duration of the course

Price for one webinar: from $99 to $49

Price for two webinars: from $198 to $69

For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |



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