Love triangle secrets

Did you happen to fall in love in a married man, he of course tells you how he doesn’t get along with his wife, they don’t sleep together and he stays with her just because of the children? He is lying!

Did you happen to be living with the most wonderful man in the world? He is so good but despite you feel like you need other men and say: I want to be loyal, to be only with him and then this will make me happy! This is also a lie! You can’t and you know it.

Did you happen to catch your man cheating or find out he has a lover, that he has been lying and even for a long time? Do you think that since you found out he will apologies and it will all be like before. This is also a lie! It won’t happen like this!

What is this webinar about?

I know that many people live in those games but feel fear or shame to go to a therapist and share those things.

This is why you will be in full confidentiality and will gain knowledge and skills on what to do in this situation.

This seminar is appropriate for:

  • women who have been involved with or are in love with taken men;
  • women who caught their men cheating;
  • jealous women;
  • women who cheat their partners and don’t know how to stop;

What will we do:

  • I will explain to you where everything starts;
  • You will learn how to act in this situation;
  • You will have the awareness and action plan in any of these situations;
  • I will be brutally honest with you so you can really make a decision on how to continue forward.


I will teach you what to do with “bad” boys in your life and how to stop letting men use us and manipulate us;

We will work towards what is a healthy relationship for me and how to continue;

Mistresses will learn what you shouldn’t do and where your power is;

Cheaters will learn what the rules are and what you should never breach and how you can change this situation;

I promise you will be shocked and surprised when you learn the truth. I know that after this webinar you will never be the same and hopingly after this inner fight you will finally remain a couple and not a triangle!

You will be able to ask questions and receive an answer to questions you cannot tell anybody but that bother you.

For more information contact: Stefka Mileva |


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