London! A Woman like a Diamond – 9 of October

A Woman like a Diamond!


DATE: 9th of October from 18.00 to 20.00 London time zone

HOST: Natalia Kobylkina

LOCATION: The Columbia Hotel
95 – 99 Lancaster Gate
W2 3NS

There are women, and there are women who are like diamonds! Women who are special, sought after and adored. They are always desired and they know that they will never be alone and will always be appreciated with dignity.

In this program you will find answers to the following questions: 

  • How to raise our price in a feminine way?
  • How to attract and retain classy men?
  • How to receive invitations for marriage, happy families, how to stop making women’s mistakes?
  • How to become a woman like diamond?


We will work on all this in a new program for classy women: A woman like diamond! 

Often, we women have several main problems:

  • We cannot attract the right/free man
  • If he happens to appear, he states that he is not ready for a relationship or he invests nothing and appears when he decides and accordingly disappears in the same way.
  • You do not reach to a marriage and relationship and you feel at a dead end – he does not value you and does what he wants with you and there is nothing you can do to change the situation.

In this program we will work on how to become a Woman like Diamond! A woman who has great inner strength and yet looks so beautiful and vulnerable. A woman who drives men crazy and they are ready to do everything only to be with her.

How to become a Woman like Diamond, in which he falls in love and is afraid of losing? Also, in the webinar we will talk: How to tame men? How to stop attracting weak, unhappy, troubled men and be on the right vibration for strong, accomplished and smart men?

Price: Single ticket – 60 GBP

Double ticket – 100 GBP

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