Live Psychotherapy with family constellations

How to really find ourselves?

Dear friends, I receive hundreds of letters with problems and questions, and in 99% of the cases I answer you: you need therapy.

But firstly, this is often not possible from a financial point of view, secondly, I do not have enough time myself to take all the people wishing to have therapy and, thirdly, it is extremely difficult to find the right therapist. That is why I decided to start Group Psychotherapy online.

Who needs psychotherapy?

  •  people who need personal therapy but are not able to have it
  • people who are looking for inner maturity and want to grow up
  • those who want to change the quality of their lives
  • people who are not able and do not understand how to build a happy life and keep it for themselves forever

During the therapy, we will work with fundamental psychological knowledge that will help you to get closer to your true nature and clear many problems from your brain.

You will have 5 meetings of 1 hour and a half each.

  1. Meeting False and true me – how to begin to see who i am and stop meeting other people’s expectations. How to understand that we are in the false me – when we constantly feel frustrated, our body is ill, we do not understand at all what we want and what OUR desires are. When we have money problems and we often feel unconfident and in panic.
  2. My protective mechanisms of psychics – how to get to the root of the problem and why it is easier for me to run away from problems. This session will unlock why someone annoys you and how you can learn to be neutral.
  3. My family myths, scenarios and how to protect myself against them and create new models in my life. Often we do not live our lives – we make the same models as our parents. And one day you feel lost in your life and how to get back to our true self.
  4. My borders and my inner anima and animus. How we can build our borders. Who I am as a man and a woman. Transforming border m
  5. Conflicts and toxic people. How to get rid of the toxic people in our lives and get into our own energy. Comfortable or happy?

In psychotherapy, you will have the opportunity to use your camera to explain your situation and work on them within the time of the therapy.

Presenter: Natalia Kobylkina – Family therapist, Sexologist, Author of books for Relationships and Sex, Most Influential Person on the Social Media for 2018.

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Second session – price 50$

Third session – price 50$

Fourth session – price 50$

Fifth session – price 50$

Get all the five sessions for $139!

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