How to find out your mission for programing a happy new year

Every one of us has their own mission and every one of us is the creator of their own life. Today I want to remind you who you are, why are you on this earth and how you can best realize the path of your soul.

My job is to create a field of truth and transformation and I will ask you questions, your job is to very honestly see your truth and the path that your soul has chosen.

I will give you examples on how you can find your way and we will do techniques for the search of your hidden “me”.

I will tell you magical fairytales that will trigger the subconscious and take out your deepest treasures and resources from within.

You will write your own fairytale that changes history.

We will go back to childhood and this knowledge that you carried when you were a child.

We will connect with your resources and capabilities.

You will find you strength through the strength of love.

We will practically work to make the defect into an effect.

We will make transforming meditation for unlocking the artist within you.

And you will see in a new way: who I really am and who I want to be in the year 2020?

My request is everybody to carry a mirror and a photo from when you were a child. We will plan the new year, we will charge it and we will connect with the mission and the upcoming success!

99.00 $