How to be a self-confident winner


do you notice that some people enjoy life? They have great families, they build empires, travel the world, have many friends and people love them – we call them Winners.

Others complain, are always miserable, nothing happens for them and as if the entire Universe is against them. Let’s call them “snoozers”.

Unfortunately most people are snoozers.

And what differs a winner from a snoozer?

1. The winner has certain habits helping him win every day. They are not complicated but he just does them, for example early wakeup and meditation.

The snoozer does things automatically, for example checking the email when he wakes up and drink coffee with a cigarette.

2. The winner has high standard of life and is not ready to compromise with his standards. He constantly increases them.

The snoozer lives in a giant compromise and doesn’t give himself what he really wants.

3. The winner has a realistic self-assessment, knows his advantages and makes use of them.

The snoozer lives in his illusions and does not have a clear estimate of who he is and why is he here.

4. The winner is merciless towards himself and accepts others with love and respect.

The snoozer is very merciful of himself (“Only one pancake, I’m hungry…”) and merciless towards others (“You are always late!”)

5. The winner has a clear strategy of where they go and how to reach their goal.

The snoozer often has no direction and doesn’t know what he wants, where he goes, i.e. goes with the flow.

6. The winner beats himself (his destructive habits, fears, dependencies).

The snoozer fights “others” not knowing that “others” are just his reflection.

7. The winner feels scared and yet acts despite of fear!

The snoozer says “I’m scared” and decides not to act or takes a very high unjustified risk which fails him.

8. The winner always seeks for an option – win-win, so everybody benefits in the situation.

The snoozer works against himself or wants to screw another person so he can win.

9. The winner looks beautiful and in shape, you want to look like him.

The snoozer is unattractive.

10. The winner sees opportunities everywhere and is able to use them.

The snoozer sees problems everywhere.

This is only a general image of what it’s like to be a winner.

For those who see themselves as snoozers (let’s be honest with ourselves), we have good and bad news.

The bad news is: If you don’t have the family you dream for, the work of your dreams, healthy and good-looking body, amazing sex, abundance and financial freedom, trips in beautiful places – then you are a snoozer even if you don’t admit it.

The good news is you can wake up and we will lead your way!

Who am I?

Natalia Kobilkina built a personal development empire in Bulgaria. She starts from scratch in a foreign country and at the moment has a world-scale Coaches Academy. Natalia is author of many bestselling books. She has published one of her most famous books in Bulgaria in English as well.

She has been in over 35 countries and at the moment she makes her dreams come true and constantly pushes forward.

This is a program for people who are ready for transformation and have a zest for life.

Seminar’s program:

  • First steps of the winner’s path
  • What blocks me and makes me lose my way
  • What challenges I will undergo with regards to myself
  • Work with fears and doubts
  • What we choose to say “Yes” to
  • My new habits
  • Development strategy and life plan
  • My advantages and how to use them in the life plan
  • Celebrating my victory
  • You are a winner. I believe in you. I support you and stand beside you every step of the way