How to have a healthy menstruation with Emilia Belcheva

How to have a healthy menstruation?

Presenter: Emilia Belcheva

I will never forget my first period. I was 14 and helping my father by bringing bricks to our country house. I felt a sharp pain and it was as if I had been in a coma for three days. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get up, the pain was terrible. And this continued every month until I turned 19 years old. It was as if I was dying in 5 days and being born for a new life. No painkillers helped me, no injections in the hospital.

Then I switched to contraceptives. But once I stopped them, it all started anew. Until at 24 I found out what was the cause of this pain. How food, our habits and fitness affect our period.

Certain foods cause intoxication of the body, dehydration in the cells, micronutrient imbalance, congestion of the kidneys and liver, tightening of the flexors (muscles between the groin and front thigh), blockages in the gluteal muscles and small pelvis, which determine whether you will have a painful period or not understanding at all that we are on our period.


A three-minute massage technique with a small tennis ball, a ball your dog plays with, or just a small bouncing rubber ball placed in the right places removes the blockage in seconds.

Allow yourself to live in ease! Don’t hurt yourself every day for 7 days, that’s 84 days you lose every year, 840 days for every 10 years. So every 10 years you lose 2 years and four months of your life! Is it worth it?

This is your life! And every day deserves to be complete and experienced to the fullest!

P.S. To get the most out of the webinar, you will need a small ball of 2 to 5 cm.

Price: from 99$ to 69$

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