Healing of Childhood Trauma

I’ve been working with women for many years and I often see the same problems:

  • I can’t find and keep the right partner
  • I have no family or kids
  • I can’t make money easily and I make a living with lots of efforts
  • I have gynecological diseases and I have no energy
  • I don’t feel like a woman, I am lonely, I don’t feel loved or desired
  • I work very hard and I still don’t make any money
  • nothing happens and time passes

I have developed a system for the treatment of female energy and have been successfully using it for 10 years now, thousands of women after that treatment absolutely change their lives and become healthy and happy women.

As a therapist, I give practice and knowledge and it is your task to follow them very strictly and to do your homework!
The transformation system includes 3 levels:

  • cleansing
  • charge and balance of energy
  • practices for wonders and influence of the world in a feminine way

Healing of childhood traumas from the past

During this webinar, we will work with your parents and we will cleanse and transform the pain and sadness you carry with you because of them.

I will help you realize and end any restricting role models in the face of your parents and you will finally start to live your own life!

The cleansing is a very important process in order for us to get what we want. People often go to therapy for years with no results because they are afraid to face their pain. Here we will look straight at it – in our pain in order to free ourselves from it and to cleanse it! This is a though process but it is very useful and life-changing.

Please have a candle, pillow, pencils for painting, water for drinking and tissues for the tears prepared.

99.00 $