GEISHA 2 Online – spread your wings and fly high

If Geishas-1 is the foundation, Geishas-2 is the solid foundation for learning to be therapists to ourselves and understanding the causes of our traumas.


Natalia is a renowned and world-famous sexologist and family therapist, who delivers trainings on happy relationships, sex and living life in abundance. With her live seminars and online webinars, Natalia has transformed the lives of people from over 150 countries around the world.

I will give you a clear explanation of where the problems in your life come from and how to get out of the vicious circle and recurring situations.

How to get your wings and fly out with all your power!
How to understand who you are and get into your power!


the basis of traumas and how to heal them
heal of the inner child
developing self-belief and how to get great confidence
habits that make you successful today – how and exactly what to develop
how to live according to the standards of your dreams
how to become yourself beyond your pain and have more ease in life!


Basic package – price from $599 to $199!!!

4 webinars by 2 hours – 8 hours in total
short videos with homework and comments
a Telegram group with successful women who will support your development
homework and the whole transformation system

VIP package – from $1800 to $499!!!

It includes the Basic package + Uterus and Mandala cleansing webinars
1 hour consultation not only with Natalia but also with the coaches of the Academy


VIP package – from $1800 to  $499

Basic package – from $599 to  $199

For information and registrations contact:
Stefka Mileva |