Free webinar with Igor Nezovibatko: Questions and Answers about Sex

Presenter Igor Nezovibatko – an actor, director, business and personal growth coach, Tantra practices trainer, author of books and articles with more than 25 years of experience.

His distinct style is a mixture of game methods and practical physiology, personal life, theatrical and training experience, minimum theory and maximum practice, work with emotions, body and mind, effective methods of physical, psychological and emotional perfection.

Sex is definitely one of the most important topics in our life that interests us all. However, many times we have questions that are left unanswered, because we are afraid or ashamed to ask and even to discuss them with our partner.

That’s why we are organizing a free webinar with Igor Nezovibatko where you can ask a question or just listen what Igor has to share from his years of work with thousands of people.

What are we going to talk about:

  • What does Tantra mean?
  • How to relax my body before and during sex?
  • Why can’t I have an orgasm with my partner?
  • Does the size actually matter?
  • More questions and answer about sex.

The webinar will be held in Russian with English translation.

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For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |


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