Free Ritual for money with Zoi Atanasova

By this ritual you will call for money in your life!

“The 5 powers” is one of the ancient rituals used by the great sorceresses to awaken the 5 senses through the power of animals, the human word, hearing and smell. It is one of the most powerful rituals for attracting money and awakening the senses and as we know the safest way to communicate with the Universe is through our senses.

What are we going to do?

Through the ritual, we change our beliefs and communicate with the subconscious and thus we eliminate fears and lift the desire, and when we focus all our energy into the desire, money will simply flow from everywhere.

The ritual helps us not think about where the money will come from or how the money will come. The Universe is abundant, it has no boundaries or limits to abundance, and the limitations are only in our head. We can have as much money as we want, only if fear does not interfere with this belief.

You will also have time for your questions and answers.

Presenter: Zoi Atanasova – a clairvoyant of celebrities, Theta Healer, Author of a book on magic recipes

For the ritual you will need:

  • 5 equal coins
  • 1 golden or green ribbon
  • 1 piece of golden or green fabric
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Cinnamon and cloves essential oil
  • Dry basil
  • 1 green candle


I call on the 5 powers I (your name) daughter of (your mother’s name)

  1. I tie the gaze the of the eagle, just like it sees everything, so I can see where the money is and keep it
  2. I tie the power of word, whatever I say, however I say, may it bear money for me
  3. I tie the power of hearing, where there is money, where there is gold, I always go there
  4. I tie the dog’s sense of smell, just like nothing escapes its nosе, so I can smell where money is and keep it.
  5. I tie the vulture’s grip, just like nothing escapes its nails, so I can catch and keep money

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