Free webinar How to lose weight with Emilia Belcheva and Natalia

Presenter: Emilia Belcheva and Natalia Kobylkina

When: Live on 8th April 2020 from 7pm to 8pm EEST

We often hear from women – I don’t like the way I look! I want to lose weight. or I can’t relax because I am overweight.

People who have an emotional masochist trauma always have weight issues and body issues!

They don’t have boundaries, they attract narcissistic people and fail to build happy and natural relations with other people.

People who don’t love themselves also can’t lose weight.

If you have those issues this webinar is for you:

  • I can’t do it with diets or I start a diet and then stop and gain even more weight
  • I can’t stop eating
  • I have anorexia, bulimia or panic attacks
  • I can’t lose or gain weight
  • I constantly feel without any power and tonus
  • I blame myself for not having the willpower to look good
  • Emotional masochism and how to stop it
  • You are feeling lonely, unnoticed and unloved
  • You hide into your work and are workaholic or you keep helping others instead of being happy

What will we talk for

  • the fundamentals of emotional masochism trauma
  • how to get out of that trauma
  • my connection to my inner child and my body
  • how to tune my body for health and beauty
  • how to lose weight quickly and easily
  • psychosomatics of diseases and how to have more power

This free webinar will explain a lot about why you eat your problems away and how to get out of your addictions and work out an emotionally healthy and beautiful body!

For information and registration contact: Stefka Mileva