How to have a flat belly in 21 days with Emilia Belcheva

Presenter: Emilia Belcheva

Do you often have a swollen belly? Do you feel discomfort? Do you feel overwhelmed and distracted, do you often get nervous, do you feel unwell during your period?

Do you know that the small intestine is responsible for women’s health and our emotional state. Many women go hungry, do moon diets, fasting and any other fashion trends just to lose some weight or to eliminate the feeling of heaviness and fatigue. But they often miss the important factor of re-feeding the body afterwards.

I will give you an example. If you get a salary of 5000 USD a month, you will buy certain clothes, you will have lunch in certain restaurants, you will go to a special place to have your nails done and a hairdressing. You will live one life. If you have your salary increased, all the above mentioned will change, right? You will spend more? A fact. But if you have your salary reduced to 500 USD, you will still survive. You will still go shopping, having meals but you will exclude the things that are luxury for you at the moment. You will not go for a lunch at a fancy restaurant, you will eat at home. You will not wear Chanel, you will wear something from the local store. You will not be going to the hairdresser and have your nails done so often.


The same happens to the body. If it has everything it needs, it will live and move in one way. All functions will be active in it, even the least important ones. Something like a VIP class. However, if it doesn’t have the necessary trace elements, if it doesn’t have energy and things that are important to it, then it starts to turn off functions – thermoregulation, digestion, the gall-bladder, kidneys, synthesis of collagen for the skin, reproduction, hormones of happiness and satisfaction… And you begin to exist instead of living.

In this webinar, I will show you how your body can live in the VIP area every day.

This is a practical webinar. We will have 3 techniques that will help you remove internal fat, boost metabolism and enhance the lymph movement. You will find out the causes of inflammatory processes in the body and why it reacts in this way. You deserve to live with ease! Every day is like a dream come true and your smile should be always on your face.

What else are we going to talk about?

  • why the belly swells – weakness of the lower abdominal wall and how to restore it
  • bacteriosis with examples
  • oxygen water intake
  • vacuum

Price: from 99$ to 69$

Promo package: Get 5 webinars on recording with Emilia Belcheva for 245$ (49$ per webinar)

  • Swelling of body and face
  • Hashimoto and Thyroid problems
  • How to have a healthy menstruation
  • How to deal with panic attacks
  • How to have a flat belly in 21 days

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