Female energy charging practices

HOST: Natalia Kobylkina

Many of us were born as women, but do not feel as such.
We fight and want to win at all costs, but in the end we feel tired and lonely. Even if men cross our way, we quickly destroy them. A woman who goes against her feminine nature becomes ill and is left alone.

And we can change it now.

This seminar is for female energy charging with beautiful practices

  •  we will work with our inner energy
  • we will meet our inner man and our inner woman through dances
  • we will clear our female heart
  • we will chant mantras and will meditate
  • we will make a diary of the woman’s energy
  • we will unblock our feelings and will start living through them
  • we will remove protection mechanisms and blockages that prevent us from being ourselves

After this webinar you will often get into your feminine power and energy.

You will find out your mistakes and how to start acting in a feminine way.

You will remove control and will unlock your inner trust in the world.

For information contact: Stefka Mileva | stefka@natalia.bg