Dreamer’s Marathon: 21 Days to the Dream

DATES: Recorded marathon

Host: Natalia Kobylkina

My lovely ones, I finally achieved my next big dream – life in London – at the exact place I dreamed of and the way I wanted and I said to myself: “It is time that I share this energy with others. I want everyone who will be with me in those 21 days to make their dreams and wishes come true! And I am here for you! Shall we start?”

We need 3 things for making our dreams come true:

  • real and daring dreams (often we don’t let ourselves have that)
  • knowledge and practice of how to make it happen (clear algorithm and sequence for doing this)
  • energy and faith (here we must block all doubts and act)

I have all three of them and I want to share with you a way for it to happen for you too!

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What will we do?

  • For 21 days you will listen to short videos ONLY for 4-10 minutes and you will do what I say in the videos. And this way for 21 days!
  • Why is it convenient? – Because it takes 15 minutes a day + homework from 1 minute to 45 minutes depending on the homework.
  • You do things systematically and rearrange the programs in your brain.
  • There is a support group that helps you and we jointly move along via Telegram conversations.
  • Every morning at the same time you will receive a video, watch it and do a nice homework within the day! Isn’t this a great idea?


What will we talk about?

  • Burying what you no longer need
  • Clearing the obsolete and the limitations of broken and unfulfilled dreams
  • Unlock the dreamer in you
  • Practical guidelines on how to properly form our wishes
  • Tune so as to do things with ease
  • Little spells to start your life anew
  • Principles and rules by which the Universe works
  • Rituals + planning = result
  • Communication with the Universe or how to reach God and be heard
  • Ability to live in the stream

Where will it happen?

  • You will receive short videos and homework for 21 days
  • Access to Telegram groups for the videos and homework
  • You can access the videos for 3 months

This program will put you in a special condition for ease and joy, faith and wonders, and will 100% fill you up with energy. The most attractive of all is the cost – from $199 to $69! Less than $4 per day!

Price: from $199 to $69

The first 3 days are FREE! Register for our FREE group below!

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