Business Academy – successful business in 6 steps with Natalia and Moses

Hosts: Natalia Kobylkina and Moses Nalocca

WHEN: We will schedule a date when we have a group of at least 50 people.

The only way to get really, really rich is… to start your own business. Are you ready to take this huge step?

The statistics show that 90% of the start-up companies go bankrupt within the first year despite the enthusiasm and the efforts of their founders. 90%! Why does this happen? Because people try to do business without understanding how it actually is supposed to be done. They lack the knowledge and the skills which are required. They don’t expose their product the right way, they are not familiar with the clients’ needs, they don’t work with an efficient team, they are not capable of adaptation and cannot cope with crises.

Why did I create this academy?

Because I have valuable experience, which I am eager to share with you. I own and manage a 10-year business which provides a unique turnover with zero initial investment. Simultaneously, I started 3 other businesses, so now I understand properly how to run them excellently. With Moses Nalocca, a phenomenal business coach, we will help you to learn and apply the universal rules of the profitable business, because they make the difference between success and failure. We will prepare you to start and develop your own lucrative project.

I believe business is like a child, who you give birth to with enormous efforts, take care of with love, raise with consistency and patience.

  • Is NOW the right moment to start up and are you actually ready for this?
  • How to reach your highest business potential?
  • How to start up with and without money?
  • How to create a successful product?
  • How to figure out your mission and your true calling?
  • How to build your business the right way – from choosing the team to perfecting marketing and sales?

Business Academy will be done once a week for 2 hours. The recording of every session will be available to re-watch for a 3-month period.

The training continues for 10 weeks. The first 100 people, who book it, will get 2 additional weeks for asking more questions and getting more answers.

This Business Academy is a fine start for anybody who wants not only to fulfil himself, but to become rich and successful meanwhile. It offers you specialized knowledge from the Russian and the American school. We will provide enormous value for you, because all of our lecturers are high-level experts.

This academy is a short educational course aiming to help you realize what exactly you want from life and how to get it, reaching your highest potential as an entrepreneur.

Week 1 (Natalia) – Awake the entrepreneur in yourself

Who are you? What do you strive to achieve? Is starting a business the right decision for you? These are quite important questions so we will help you to get answers.

  • Identify your personal mission and prepare yourself to fulfil it.
  • Get rid of negative patterns, shaped by previous failures and disappointing experiences, and go ahead with confidence.
  • Figure out when is the right time to take the first step.
  • Bond your business with your vision.
  • Create a charismatic personal image as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Learn more about the role of partnership in business.


Week 2 (Moses) – Find the right direction

Where are you now? Do you have a clear picture of where you are headed? Do you know how to get there? Most of the people have some vague idea of the macro industry they work in, but very few truly understand their own business environment.

  • Find out your super power which will provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • Create something better than a linear business plan – a unique map with a flexible route.
  • Learn why it is important to evaluate the business climate.


Week 3 (Moses) – Offer a high-quality product

What makes a product successful is the way you do it and the way you deliver it. In this session you will learn how to manage the determining factors of the market’s behavior.

  • Find out why it’s important to get familiar with your customers’ needs and desires.
  • Figure out how to create a product which the consumers truly need and want.
  • How to offer your clients the solutions they are looking for.


Week 4 (Natalia) – Speed up with digital marketing

Social media can hold up so many amazing opportunities for you. In case you use it the right way, of course. Now you can find and buy almost anything online and if you lack the knowledge how to position yourself on these platforms, you will be held back. It is absolutely crucial for you to master the craft of digital marketing.

  • Learn how to build effective marketing strategies with high performance.
  • Use the most suitable techniques for attracting more clients.
  • Find out how to outrun your competition.
  • Make better ads and do more sales online.


Week 5 (Moses) – Sell like a pro

What do you associate the word “sales” with? What immediately pops up in your mind? Most of the people have a surprisingly wrong perception of sales and give them such a negative connotation. But making sales is not a bad thing if you do it the right way and with the right intentions. This session will drastically change your ideas about the craft of sales.

  • Being able to sell a product is not enough. Learn how to sell value.
  • Obtain the basic business skills that the 60-70% of the self-made billionaires rely on.
  • Spot the difference between the traditional sells and the sells, made the proper way.
  • Learn how to put “the white gloves” on.
  • Reveal the secret of the perfect sale.

Week 6 (Natalia) – Create a loyal clients network

Establish stable and long term relations with your customers. Inspire them to start preferring your product rather than the rest. Win them over. Earn their loyalty. Convince them to choose you and make them love you.

  • Learn how to treat your clients and take care of them.
  • Dive deep into the ideas of the “Presents and motivation” system.
  • Stop searching for new clients. Create an audience of consistent clients and let them bring you new people who want to buy from you.


Week 7 (Moses) – Sell and grow incessantly

Stimulate your business growth with 3 effective techniques. Understand how to measure business precisely, because you cannot manage something which you cannot measure.

  • Get familiar with the three main roles in business and identify which one you are playing in this moment.
  • Learn how to keep the business after you’ve already created it.
  • Integrate discipline in your plans.


Week 8 (Natalia) – Don’t fear the crisis, manage it

What do you need in times of crisis? Good luck? No. You need anti-crisis management skills. When plan A fails, you need a preliminary prepared plan B. You’ll have to switch not only the angle, but also the lens with which you see the world through.

  • Change the old perspective on crisis. Learn how to use difficult times in your favor.
  • Learn how to earn more money in times of crisis and be prosperous.


Week 9 (Moses) – Adapt to the business habitat and its cycles

Success is a dynamic and multi-sided process. It’s not a simple thing. So stop for a second and ask yourself in how many directions you develop your business. If it’s in only one so far, the time for a change has come.

  • Learn how to use all the available strategic weapons to stand out, to expand and to succeed on the market.
  • Become excellent in coping with the plato phases and keep striving higher.
  • Develop strategic thinking and start making only smart moves.


Week 10 (Natalia) – Create a stable inter-corporate structure

Do you have a team which really does the job and you can completely rely on? We will help you to identify what kind of people you actually need in order to destroy the pattern of working with unsuitable and inefficient employees and wrong partners. The intelligent human resources management will save you a lot of expenses and prevent unnecessary troubles.

  • Learn how to recognize and estimate the qualities of the right people.
  • Step into your power and free yourself from the wrong ones.
  • Learn how to delegate to your team and optimize its overall working efficiency.


Week 11 – Recap/ Up-sell, Q&A

Week 12 – Graduation/ Up-sell, Q&A


Basic package

  • 10 coaching videos with precious information;
  • 2 bonus videos for Questions and Answers with Natalia Kobylkina and Moses Nalocca with 1 hour duration for the first 100 registered people;
  • Access to a Facebook group with all of the participants, which give you the opportunity to meet some potential business partners;
  • 3 special guests, experts in different fields, who will share their knowledge and experience;
  • Synopsis of the themes and exercises.
  • Price 249 $. (this is a discount from 500$. and it’s valid until 01.08.2020. After that the original price will be restored);


VIP package

  • Designed only for 35 people;
  • Includes the content of the basic package plus:
  • Group coaching with Moses Nalocca;
  • Group training for coping with psychological blockages and problems with Natalia Kobylkina;
  • 5 more guest lecturers, who are experts in their fields.
  • Price 499 $. (this is a discount from 1000 $. and it’s valid until 01.08.2020. After that the original price will be restored);

The VIP package gives you more detailed knowledge and greater support from us.

Date Lector Time Topic
Week 1
Tuesday,11th Natalia 18:00-20:00 Who I am? Mission, Qialities, Habits, What i Need to learn about Image?
VIP Friday, 14th Natalia 18:00-19:30 Q&A
Week 2
Tuedays, 18th Moses 19:00-21:00 Know where you are and where you want to go
VIP Friday, 21st Moses 19:00-20:30 Q&A
Week 3
Tuesday, 25th Moses 19:00-21:00 How to create a product
VIP Friday, 28th Moses 19:00-20:30 Q&A
Week 4
Tuesday, 1st Natalia 18:00-20:00 Digital Marketing
VIP Friday, 4rd Natalia 18:00-19:30 Q&A
Week 5
Tuesday, 8th Moses 19:00-21:00 Sales
VIP Friday, 11th Moses 19:00-20:30 Q&A
Week 6
Tuesday, 15th Natalia 18:00-20:00 Loyal Clients
VIP Friday, 18th Natalia 18:00-19:30 Q&A
Week 7
Tuesday, 22nd Moses 19:00-21:00 3 Ways to Grow your Business
VIP Friday, 25th Moses 19:00-20:30 Q&A
Week 8
Tuesday, 29th Natalia 18:00-20:00 Crises in Business
VIP Friday, 2nd Natalia 18:00-19:30 Q&A
Week 9
Tuesday, 6th Moses 19:00-21:00 Leadership
VIP Friday, 9th Moses 19:00-20:30 Q&A
Week 10
Tuesday, 13th Natalia 18:00-20:00 Structure of Business/ Team
VIP Friday, 16th Natalia 18:00-19:30 Q&A
Week 11
Tuesday, 20th Natalia & Moses Recap/ Up-sell
VIP Friday, 23rd Natalia & Moses Q&A
Week 12
Tuesday, 27th Natalia & Moses Graduation/ Up-sell
VIP Friday, 30th Natalia & Moses Q&A

Become successful and make a fortune now.  Because you can do it and because you deserve it. Stop postponing your dreams for tomorrow. Start making them true today!

After registration you will receive a link to a private Facebook Group where we will send all the zoom links and more information!

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