Free Breakfast with a Millionaire with Yulia Hadartzeva

Free Breakfast with a Millionaire


DATE LIVE: 17 of July from 17.30 to 18.30 EEST

Hosts: Yulia Hadartzeva and Natalia Kobylkina

Watch us live or on recording!

My dear friends, I would like to invite you to a free online breakfast with Yulia Hadartzeva!

She is a psychologist and a businesswoman who has build one of the most successful brands in Russia in the field of money, sex and relationships.


Trained by Bert Hellinger and Anthony Robins, she combines successfully family constellations, work with past lives and quantum psychology. Applying this knowledge into her own life, she has achieved huge success and has made all her dreams come true with ease. She will share with you on breakfast how easily things can happen for you too. If you only allow yourself, that will become a part of your reality too!

For information and registrations contact: Stefka Mileva |


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