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A single session can transform your self image, love, relationships, finances, career. Individual sessions for women, men and couples, Skype-consultations with Natalia Kobylkina.

Psychological coaching consultations can help with solving personal, family and sexual problems.

When can they be useful?

  • When you notice that you often have to deal with the same problems over and over again and instead of struggling with the consequences you would like to find the reasons behind them.
  • If you have fears that prevent you from living a happy life.
  • When you feel stuck and don’t know how to change your life – if you have a lot of fears and want to clean your energy
  • If you want to be more sexually liberated and free.
  • If you often feel frustration and guilt in your communication with others.
  • If you have found yourself caught in a love triangle and/or love addiction.
  • If you don’t feel confident and you want to believe more in your own abilities and power.
  • If you have found yourself at a crossroads, in a stressful situation or a crisis, from which you don’t see a way out.
  • If you are depressed and don’t know how to get your optimism and good mood back. Natalia can see your energy, explain to you why you have this problem and give you an advice how you can improve your life.

After the session you will have your personal home task and it is very important to follow it.

More than 300.000 people for the last 10 years have worked work with Natalia.
Natalia’s Therapy is real work – be ready to take action!

The responsibility is shared – Natalia will tell you why you have this problem, if you have some problem in your energy and your chakras and she will give you advice how to change this. But after that, it is up to you to take action! If you want to get results, you need to be willing to work on yourself!

Price: An hour long coaching session costs 499 dollars (the payment for Skype consultations should be made in advance through a bank transfer or PayPal).

Time zone: The sessions are booked in EEST zone (Eastern European Standard Time).

Our team will contact you to confirm your appointment or to suggest another date and time slot if the current one is not available.

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$499.00 1 hour