How to attract what you want?

How to attract what you want?


HOST: Natalia Kobylkina

All people can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. People who suffer and play the victim;
  2. Achiever – people who force themselves to do all. At the end they reach success but along the way they lose their health, family and the ability to have children. Around 40 years of age they often feel exhausted, lonely and the money they have earned – they spend on treatments;
  3. And people living in the stream. Those are people who follow their heart and mission, they are able to handle their energy very well and as soon as they wish for something – it manifests. They can have bigger success than the achievers even though on the side it looks as if they are not doing anything special.


If you want to enter the stream of joy, lightness, health and abundance, jump in my boat!


What are we going to do?

  • Practices for relieving unnecessary responsibilities
  • Constellations for relief from heritage burdens
  • Meditation to enter the stream
  • Clear homework and guidelines on how to continue on your own and keep this flow with you permanently


I have been working for a long time to go from an achiever to a person in the stream. I can say that I am still learning, but many important things have really changed for me. First, there were real weekends and free time, and my income increased significantly. There was a feeling of synergy and closeness with my partner, followed by good transformations in both of us. 8 kg of my body, which was acquired by stress and tension, disappeared. And I keep going that way.

Start taking actions that will bring you new results!

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