Alfa Leaders Master Class – 30 of April


  30 of April        17.00 to 19.00 am EEST (Athens time zone)


Family therapist, Sexologist, Author of books for Relationships and Sex, Most Influential Person on the Social Media for 2018. Natalia is a renowned and world-famous sexologist and family therapist, who delivers trainings on happy relationships, sex and living life in abundance. With her live seminars and online webinars, Natalia has transformed the lives of people from over 150 countries around the world.

Alpha-people rule the world and their own lives. They do what they want and don’t do what they do not desire to. They win without paying public opinion tax. Alpa-people believe in themselves, their ideas, and the fact that they deserve nothing but the best, regardless of whether they are the brightest or most appealing.

They are the people who walk with their heads held high and bathe in the admirations of others. They are strongly charismatic and sexual beings who are always surrounded by suiters and followers who admire them. Only alpha-beings know how to say “NO” without experiencing any guilt.

Alpha-people know how to stand up for themselves and set boundaries!

What will you learn?

  • What are the qualities of the Alpha-leader
  • How to be self-confident
  • How to convey exactly what we desire and set boundaries
  • How to become more skilled communicators with the opposite sex, how to develop a following of suiters while keeping them at a distance
  • How to announce to the whole world – This is me!
  • Leadership and Charisma

Join us and discover the secret of their success and how you can transform yourself into an Alpha-Leader!

from $99 to $49

For information and registrations contact:
Stefka Mileva |

$99.00 $49.00

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