A fresh look at trust with Milan Karmeli

A fresh look at trust – the practice of reclaiming lost trust

Presenter: Milan Karmeli

Trust is one of the basic building block of life. We need it to feel a trust that we belong and are worthy to contribute. Without it, we move through life with fear and control our environment. Our innate right to be curios is limited and the relevance of our qualities and gifts are put into question.

Building trust requires our conscious effort to be available to that which unfolds in front of us. Every time we are truly present, trust follows. However, due to our upbringing and conditioning we have lost trust, and paradoxically it’s almost easier not to trust. Simply, because it keeps us in a protected place where we don’t feel pain, risk disappointment or have to take responsibility. And, from that place, we are also quick to judge the world around us and become righteous. The price we pay is fear and constant risk of being exposed as fake.

In this webinar we explore trust in ways we usually don’t associate with trust. Together we’ll explore how we use the word ‘trust’ in our lives to protect ourselves and shy away from responsibility. Understanding the complexity of trust and gaining tools to reclaim it, will help you move deeper into life and your relationships.

Video Introduction - Milan Karmeli

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