A fresh look at anger with Milan Karmeli

A fresh look at anger – from unconscious to healing (healthy) anger

Presenter: Milan Karmeli

Our relationship to anger is complex and unconscious. We feel it, whether we want to or not but expressing it in ways where connection isn’t broken or we don’t feel overwhelmed, is hard.

Anger arises when we feel threatened or vulnerable, inadequate or shamed. We’re either afraid to express our anger, pretend we don’t have it or we just vent it uncontrollably. In any of those cases, it consumes us.

In most cases our upbringing hasn’t been helpful in developing a healthy expression of anger. We learn that expressing it brings shame or shows a loss of control. However, speaking and showing our anger can be one of the few ways to express unmet needs.

Creating a healthy relationship with our anger means to understand what sits underneath it first. Anger is actually an essential and beautiful bridge to ourselves and others. It shows us how much we care about certain things. This is an important theme for all of us.

In this webinar, we will take a fresh look at anger and our relationship to it. As long as the inner workings of our anger are kept hidden from our own awareness instead of being faced, it creates disconnection, isolation, destruction and pain. We will define the different forms of anger, their origin, and explore how a healthy expression of the anger can create flow and connection in your life and relationships.

Video Introduction - Milan Karmeli

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