100% Sales – 27&28 of April


  27-28 of April        16.00 to 18.00 EEST (Athens time zone)


Family therapist, Sexologist, Author of books for Relationships and Sex, Most Influential Person on the Social Media for 2018. Natalia is a renowned and world-famous sexologist and family therapist, who delivers trainings on happy relationships, sex and living life in abundance. With her live seminars and online webinars, Natalia has transformed the lives of people from over 150 countries around the world.

It might sound weird to you but two years ago I was afraid of the word ‘sales’. I
never thought I would be one of the first sale leaders in Bulgaria.

In one day I can make thousands by going live with the right video message.
I love selling and I’m good at it. This fills me up with excitement and happiness.
Hence why I want to offer high-quality products to people. I have my own little
tricks within the online and face-to-face sales and I will share it with you. Are you
ready to become an impeccable salesperson?

I would like to teach you how to practice your skills, stand up for yourself and
receive the things that you truly deserve!

Who is this workshop for?

This is a workshop for people who have talent but they are unable to show their
abilities in an attractive way, hence why their talents stay unnoticeable.
How many times we hear someone saying ‘ She is a lovely girl. She would be a
great mother and a woman but no-one notices her and she is alone.
Or a shy girl who wouldn’t get aquatinted with other women.
Or you have amazing ideas, which will help the company you work at, but no
one is listening to you.
This doesn’t benefit anybody, we are all losers in this situation.

What does the workshop include?

  • 5 important secrets about selling
  • How to create your own story and become your personal PR manager
  • How to know your financial value and how to increase it?
  • How to sell yourself successfully as an individual and as a professional and what are the differences?
  • How to attract a new level of personal and professional development or a
    new partner?
  • Sale techniques and tactics online and face to face

Online course – 2 sessions (2 hours each)
Session 1: How to create your brand, find suitable clients, and how to influence others?
Session 2: How to make sales with ease- on a personal and professional level?

We all sell ourselves
Many of us complain all the time that they aren’t valuable, their salary is low,
clients don’t pay them on time things simply don’t work for them. Yes, all of this is true, because you don’t realize what your value is and you don’t know how to sell yourself in the right way. Many of you will not agree with this sentence. “I’m not a slave, why sell myself. Natalia has completely lost it.”

  • Okay, this might sound rude but why do you go to work? You expect to
    receive money for the hours you have worked, correct?
  • Why do you expect a certain amount of money from your clients?
  • Why do you expect a beautiful wedding and a lovely home from your partner?
    Let be honest and admit the fact that we all sell ourselves and we expect in return love, attention, sex, money, pleasure, communication, etc.

You deserve a lot more than you have! ‘Sell yourself’ successfully!

from $199 to $69

For information and registrations contact:
Stefka Mileva |

$199.00 $69.00

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