10 rules how to seduce men

Are you a seductress test – answer yes or no

  • You know how to manage your sexual energy and how to direct it towards the specific man so you make him go crazy for you.
  • You are the perfect woman in bed and you have an orgasm every time.
  • You know how to communicate with the men through the love and to open his heart.
  • You are able to be – a friend, lover and muse to him.
  • You live through your heart and never allow anybody to break it or heart it.
  • You are able to be happy with yourself and you don’t need a man at all cost. This is why there are always men around you.
  • You know how to fill yourself with energy to beat another woman in a fight for the man you love.

RESULTS: If all your answers are “Yes”- Congratulations!

You are adored and wanted.

If no- it’s time to change things, I am waiting for you so we can walk the path to your change together.

What will we do:

  • Feminine sexual practices for charging.
  • You will find out facts and myths for your sexuality.
  • You will find a way to ask and be heard.
  • How to seduce your new partner.
  • How to make your man want you more.
  • How to feel inner power as a man.
  • How to make him crazy in bed.
  • Sexual games, techniques and practices.
  • The secrets of seduction.
  • How to do give oral love as professionals so he can remember us.
  • We will openly talk on women’s topics and you will see how you can bring new power to your sexual energy.

For more information contact: Stefka Mileva | stefka@natalia.bg


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