Getting pregnant during menstruation

Hello, Natalia! Is there a change for me to get pregnant when during menstruation my boyfriend ejaculates in me?
Mila, 17 years old

Despite exceptionally little there is a possibility. So – please, be careful and use condoms. Accept that there are no safe days. Besides, even if the partner doesn’t ejaculate in you but has only penetrated you the chance of getting pregnant is from 8 to 15 percent because in the liquid he releases during penetration there are also spermatozoids. Getting pregnant happens during ovulation but in order to establish when you are ovulating you need a test from the pharmacy. We used to think that it is exactly in the middle of the month after the menstruation but the woman may have short period and the ovulation may start during menstruation. Or when bleeding happens after the actual menstruation. Sometimes the woman may bleed during ovulation and this to be wrongly considered menstruation.

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